Looking to expand your perspective? Seek clarity with me! As a firm believer in freewill and destiny, I say what I sense, bring clarity to chaos, and delve into your karma to deliver prophetic insight and compassionate guidance. Serenity awaits.

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Apr-07-2020 JG7445  great reading! Gina please send me the last thing you said before we were cut off

Mar-05-2020 joanna19  wonderful reading...gave me much clarity. thank you

Feb-28-2020 trekkie1969  Thank you Gina - your guidance is always helpful. We were cut off at the last minute so didn& 39;t quite hear what you were saying about him. If you could relay that would be great, if not, I understand.

Feb-25-2020 JG7445  I called back because her past reading came to pass :) she is excellent!

Feb-20-2020 Kristina2217  Amazing! I will be back for another reading. It was to short ;) connection was on point.

Feb-19-2020 xyz123  Thank you so much for your honest reading. I appreciate it. You confirmed my opinion about the person in question. It will help me to move forward in a light-hearted manner. Best

Feb-19-2020 sugajro  Gina thanks so much you help me grasp the WHY - which is the piece I have been digging for for weeks now! Please relay I would love to elaborate.

Feb-19-2020 Pianoguru88  Thank you for the guidance. Can you relay the bit about my love interest when we were cut off?

Feb-19-2020 trekkie1969  I do apologize for my last review. You gave me advice and I did not follow. Our talk today was useful and I know I have a lot to think through if I want to move forward the right way. Thank you.

Feb-18-2020 trekkie1969  He broke up with me. Says hes still in love with someone else. Guess we were wrong about him.

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