As a world-renowned Cosmic Therapist and founder of MODE, I can deeply tap into your energy, unearth romantic involvements and answer all your burning questions. YOU carry the blueprint of a unique destiny. Unlock that treasure today.

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Jan-16-2020 chibaby0819  

Jan-15-2020 MzFancyP  Paula is consistently reads into the heart of my situation and provides helpful guidance with love and wisdom! Feels like talking to family

Jan-12-2020 Mag2020  Loving and straightforward Love and gratitude. Happy 2020

Dec-30-2019 Fiona32  Hi Paula would you send me rely. I spoke to him today and he was coming over. Then I trx him Iíll be home soon.Hetold me he wasnít coming has ignored me since He never done that. Iím pissed I feel like a fool

Dec-26-2019 Taraferb  Thank you

Dec-26-2019 Taraferb  Thank you

Dec-26-2019 Taraferb  Thank you

Dec-26-2019 Taraferb  Very nice but did not happen as she saw

Dec-24-2019 Keith79  

Nov-22-2019 Sunny0110  Thank you Paula, Iím sorry we got disconnected. Can you please send me a relay, do you think we can go the distance? This silence from him is breaking my heart :(

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