I do what I love and I love what I do. Working with Spirit is a blessing I give thanks for every day. I channel Spirit when I read and use my Tarot and Angel cards as tools and gateways to provide answers, guidance and insights for empowerment.

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May-13-2019 Tasha9195  Thank you for all the details!!!!

May-13-2019 kmboling  Was disconnected. I will try back here soon.

May-06-2019 jp72162  Thank you Cathi! I really appreciate your readings - they are very helpful.

May-02-2019 yodonna65  Very good reader.

Apr-24-2019 dylan63  Great reading and advice as always..don't know what happened to the call in the end..

Apr-24-2019 caseytrainwr  

Apr-16-2019 jp72162  Thank you Cathi! Tough connection today but I think I got the gist of the reading - stay the course, he is thinking of me and contact will come :-).

Apr-15-2019 nvprecious  

Apr-12-2019 Redbottoms  Wonderful! Thank you, Cathi

Apr-12-2019 Pokadotc  I had 2 relationship readings with two very different outcome one happily ever after and the other that there would continued be trouble later on. I feel very confused

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