Awareness of the future can empower you now! I can see, hear, sense and feel the energies around you. I will speak directly to your Angels and Spirit Guides and will help you navigate through intense and emotional waters to achieve rewards and happiness.

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Feb-18-2019 Congestus100  What I have heard, was just the most truly thing that has ever happened! I got the most honest answer I could ever asked for! And Venus is just amazing wonderful! and HONEST! :)

Feb-18-2019 Imanishan  I need more of a reading I love her she's amazing got a great feeling just from her picture

Feb-14-2019 Wintrglittr  Venus is very personal, empathic and understandable. Genuinely intuitiveness and can give your real time answers for your soul mates true love energy. She’s great! I love her only pesticide I will see on here!

Feb-05-2019 joanna19  Thank you for the reading tonight and providing clarity for my next step moving forward. God Bless.

Feb-05-2019 Bogumila  Sorry I did not feel much connection

Jan-31-2019 Ben999  Thank you, dearest, for your loving help. Maybe time to move forward, I feel. Send this person good thoughts, and still move forward. It´s too sad. Bless you. xx B

Jan-31-2019 Ben999  Thank you so friend is really very intuitive, but doesn´t trust it and has been used by "time´s up", right? Cleaning house...I believe he will make it. Blessings xx B

Jan-22-2019 Shany04  Great reading. Thank you so much

Jan-21-2019 aquatic26  Seemed unsure of what she's saying. Felt like she was going along with what I said. Did not connect at all!!

Jan-21-2019 Barvita  Very honest and caring advisor! Thank you Venus for being straightforward on the issue and pointing the right way out of it

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