Awareness of the future can empower you now! I can see, hear, sense and feel the energies around you. I will speak directly to your Angels and Spirit Guides and will help you navigate through intense and emotional waters to achieve rewards and happiness.

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Apr-10-2019 HuiHuixiang  Thank you for a great reading.

Apr-01-2019 yodonna65  

Mar-25-2019 solemio  Thanks for a very straightforward and honest reading. Its indeed time to take back the power. Good to be reminded.

Mar-14-2019 bcledfoot  Always 5 stars. Thank you for making yourself available tonight.

Mar-11-2019 Sunny0110  Thank you for another great reading Venus! Last prediction came to pass. I hope this one does too! I still cant believe hes back after 10 months of me thinking he was gone for good! Much love and light

Feb-25-2019 Jdiggity  Excellent! Thanks!

Feb-18-2019 ttttttt  She was wondering !!!

Feb-18-2019 Congestus100  What I have heard, was just the most truly thing that has ever happened! I got the most honest answer I could ever asked for! And Venus is just amazing wonderful! and HONEST! :)

Feb-18-2019 Imanishan  I need more of a reading I love her she's amazing got a great feeling just from her picture

Feb-14-2019 Wintrglittr  Venus is very personal, empathic and understandable. Genuinely intuitiveness and can give your real time answers for your soul mates true love energy. Shes great! I love her only pesticide I will see on here!

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