Awareness of the future can empower you now! I can see, hear, sense and feel the energies around you. I will speak directly to your Angels and Spirit Guides and will help you navigate through intense and emotional waters to achieve rewards and happiness.

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Dec-12-2018 Sunny0110  Thank you Venus for your honest insight. I will trust and let go as you advised me. I hope that ring comes along soon!! Will keep you posted. XOXO

Dec-11-2018 joneskat  Great reading!

Dec-10-2018 zeeman  Thanks for the great detailed psychic reading on career matters. It's basically in line with what other psychics have said in the past.

Dec-10-2018 koko2725  Absolutely wonderful

Dec-09-2018 koko2725  Thank you, soul sister.

Dec-09-2018 believe  Picked up quick and spot on.

Dec-08-2018 Doug123  Test Comment

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