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Nov-19-2018 freebee  I am so happy that I called Polina! She is a professional in her field of knowledge. She was very accurate and friendly! Polina gave me an exact answer to my question. I can highly recommend her!

Nov-19-2018 Ernie23  Very nice! I appreciate your forecast.

Nov-16-2018 jp72162  Thank you Polina! You are terrific, and very consistent with other great readers on this site. I so appreciate your gifts and insight.

Nov-16-2018 Shany04  Interesting reading. NO real connection.I don't feel she picked up on my situation at all, and no answers only went in circles. Waste of money

Nov-15-2018 joneskat  Very thoughtful, kind and accurate reader! You won’t be disappointed.

Nov-15-2018 Jdiggity  Thanks! Nice accurate reading

Nov-15-2018 Gino1954  Fantastic! Thank you for your in-depth reading. I will definitely be using your services again!

Nov-14-2018 Ernie23  Extremely accurate! I got exactly what I wanted, and thank you Polina!

Nov-13-2018 Bogumila  Not much connection

Nov-13-2018 zozobee  What a unique reading style. Thank you for the reading and your straightforward manner.

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