I am an Empath and Channel, working with Spirit Guides, Angels and your higher self, to help you overcome challenges and transform your life. An honest, non-judgmental and compassionate reader, I will give you the insights you need to shift your path.

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Nov-11-2019 Lilinka  Wonderful ! Thank you Suzenn

Nov-10-2019 Yellowishc  Picked up on everything

Nov-10-2019 joanna19  Very Good and Very Accurate. Thank you so much.

Oct-27-2019 Barvita  Susan has always been very consistent and trusted advisor. Her readings are honest yet compassionate. I give her my highest recommendation, knowing how she truly cares about her clients! Thank you Susan from the bottom of my heart!!!

Oct-15-2019 winterblus  I always enjoy updating you Suzenn. You are very sincere and intune, youíve always been like that since Iíve been reading with you. We will speak soon!

Oct-14-2019 zeeman  Thanks for the informative, detailed reading.

Oct-13-2019 Mail62  Thanks for being real. Thatís hard to find.

Oct-08-2019 joneskat  

Oct-05-2019 Marle17  Thank you. I will keep you posted.

Oct-01-2019 joneskat  

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