I am an Empath and Channel, working with Spirit Guides, Angels and your higher self, to help you overcome challenges and transform your life. An honest, non-judgmental and compassionate reader, I will give you the insights you need to shift your path.

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Feb-18-2019 Kelkel1  Thanks so much for the reading today. Seems very accurate and picked up very well on situation. Very impressed. Will be in touch soon!

Feb-18-2019 Precious08  You have no idea how grateful I am for your insight and your guidance! Truly appreciate it. You are amazing.

Feb-15-2019 Precious08  Am super grateful for her insight and guidance. She is helping me understand myself better. Something I should have paid way more attention too sooner, however, it is not too late. Right?

Feb-15-2019 jp72162  Thank you so much Suzenn! You really helped me with this situation, and i really appreciated your lovely email as well :-).

Feb-13-2019 Sunny0110  Thank U for such an insightful reading Suzenn. I hope he comes back around and recognizes that he needs help, for the sake of everyone involved. I wished he loved me as much as I love him. Much love and light!

Feb-13-2019 stefanie  Wow what a wonderful reading. She confirm everything she told me back in Nov. She see him coming back home soon. I hope he will learn to lesson and be more honest. Thanks again God bless you

Feb-09-2019 Precious08  Am very grateful for your patience and insight! Thank you, you are wonderful.

Feb-09-2019 EssieHope  Just a recap great reading. Thank you again Essie

Feb-09-2019 EssieHope  Suzann, thank you very good insight and you inspired me to have hope. Your very detailed in your reading. I look forward in talking with you again. Thank you Esperanza

Feb-09-2019 Rushna  Amazing reading! Suzenn connected extremely well. She was polite and her reading was accurate. Highly recommended!

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