I am an Empath and Channel, working with Spirit Guides, Angels and your higher self, to help you overcome challenges and transform your life. An honest, non-judgmental and compassionate reader, I will give you the insights you need to shift your path.

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Jul-21-2019 Lilinka  Thank you Suzenn for the reading ! Very good and picks up a lot ! Truthful and to the poiint

Jul-18-2019 Kara22  Thank you for answering all of my questions today and I appreciate your honesty! Do you think after I get the indirect communication itíll turn to direct? Thank you again!

Jul-18-2019 Lilinka  Wonderful psychic ! If you want the truth she is the one to call !

Jul-17-2019 zeeman  Thanks for the helpful, accurate, detailed and insightful reading on career matters.

Jul-14-2019 nabushelly  Excellent reading !!She was so insightful, to the point, v, caring, accurate reader and honest .Highly recommended.

Jul-13-2019 Kelkel1  Thanks Suzann. Always feel that you pick up very accurately and very in tune with situation. Always enjoy our readings.

Jul-07-2019 boramsmiles  Suzzen has been very accurate and reliable with her predictions. Thank you Suzenn

Jul-05-2019 Lilinka  

Jul-04-2019 KellyShannon  

Jul-02-2019 kmboling  Can u send a relay on parenting court today I am Sick to my stomach. I want to cry trying not too

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