A natural born Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Medium, I am quick with details and high on accuracy! For 25 plus years, I have provided insights on health, love, work, relationships, legal matters, and I connect with loved ones deceased and living.

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Jun-26-2019 Pokadotc  Nothing made sense in this ready. Was all over the place and never addressed my questions or concerns. I literally cried after because I was fed my money

Jun-17-2019 winterblus  Extremely accurate. Was able to pick up my surroundings and how I look. Thank you for assisting me today!

Jun-17-2019 gswafford  First read with her calling out thibgs without any info accurate will return try her you wont have to say much she is awesome

Jun-13-2019 Goddess3019  

Jun-13-2019 lucija  Thank you for the great reading.You are so accurate .

Jun-10-2019 Marle17  Thank you

Jun-10-2019 Babylasvegas  I called you back to say prediction passed from Nov 2018! More to come. “Paul” was mentioned as significant in my life and his. It’s a mutual fondness. I just did not know it was a psychic medium that would become a friend and have so much in common!

Jun-10-2019 Babylasvegas  Marlene was excellent again! Spoke in 2018. This has happened! Paul entered my life. He is a well known Medium form the UK. Very gifted! We hit it off as he is my platonic soul-mate! He is coming to the USA for readings! Accurate!

Apr-17-2019 msbridney  I thought she was being really random and off topic but instead of hanging up I just listened. I'm glad I did! It all happened a month later even the new guys name. Record readings with her bc there are so many details that you will need to reflect.

Jan-23-2019 michcher75  

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