A natural born Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Medium, I am quick with details and high on accuracy! For 25 plus years, I have provided insights on health, love, work, relationships, legal matters, and I connect with loved ones deceased and living.

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Jun-13-2019 Goddess3019  

Jun-13-2019 lucija  Thank you for the great reading.You are so accurate .

Jun-10-2019 Marle17  Thank you

Jun-10-2019 Babylasvegas  I called you back to say prediction passed from Nov 2018! More to come. “Paul” was mentioned as significant in my life and his. It’s a mutual fondness. I just did not know it was a psychic medium that would become a friend and have so much in common!

Jun-10-2019 Babylasvegas  Marlene was excellent again! Spoke in 2018. This has happened! Paul entered my life. He is a well known Medium form the UK. Very gifted! We hit it off as he is my platonic soul-mate! He is coming to the USA for readings! Accurate!

Apr-17-2019 msbridney  I thought she was being really random and off topic but instead of hanging up I just listened. I'm glad I did! It all happened a month later even the new guys name. Record readings with her bc there are so many details that you will need to reflect.

Jan-23-2019 michcher75  

Jan-04-2019 MSO2001  No ma'm...had NO answer to the question I was asking.Started saying random places and things that had nothing to do with me or my question.wish I could give one star or 0 stars.

Dec-27-2018 Babylasvegas  Moral obligation was the reason behind our parting! Correct on parents death to occur. Mothers been very ill. Mom controlled all decisions in the family. Correct on his heart is with me. He is free after parents passings. Correct on all you saw!

Dec-23-2018 thetp1  Amazing reading. Quick and accurate details with great advice. Highly recommend.

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