As a spiritual counselor, I use the gifts of Intuition, Clairvoyance, Channeling & Mediumship, Tarot, and Esoteric Astrology to help you answer important life questions and abundantly embrace a more purposeful life.

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Jul-20-2019 Earlyrain  Autumn here....I enjoyed every 10 minutes I wish I could afford more time, she made me feel like I was talking to the aunt I never had.

Jul-18-2019 kimmy10  Simply amazing to talk to. Have had two readings now and she’s been spot on and I just trust in what she sees considering my situation.. hoping what she sees comes to fruition.

Jul-16-2019 Lady91  Thank you so much shawna I get exactly what you were saying I'm sorry my time ran out ..I appreciate the reading

Jul-15-2019 gswafford  As alwYs quick and on point please send relay on clebration we got caught off is the celebration for me and girald did or me celebrating something i did

Jun-30-2019 jp72162  always so great to connect with you - you know this guy well ;-)

Jun-27-2019 Pokadotc  Shawna, please relay. Thank you for all the help!

Jun-26-2019 Redbottoms  Hi Shawna, I replied to your relay several days ago. Let me know if I should send again. Thank you!

Jun-25-2019 MissEd  The best! Please send relay.

Jun-21-2019 gswafford  As always enjoyed reading been on point since my first call please send relay we got cut off

Jun-18-2019 MissEd  Amazing! Direct! Sweet and kind! Thank you Shawna for being here for me. Please send me relay.

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