As a spiritual counselor, I use the gifts of Intuition, Clairvoyance, Channeling & Mediumship, Tarot, and Esoteric Astrology to help you answer important life questions and abundantly embrace a more purposeful life.

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Nov-11-2019 joneskat  

Nov-07-2019 marieann  Hi I am trying to reconnect

Nov-05-2019 LoveofPsychi  Very good advisor. We keep getting cut off and the system will not allow me to call her back because I have $24 in my account which is under what the minimum talk time is. I am frustrated because you were just about to give me my reading.

Oct-30-2019 marieann  Hi Shawna can you please email me a link as I have no money until tomorrow

Oct-12-2019 marieann  Beautiful as always can you please relay me what we’re talking about. Big thanks

Oct-12-2019 joneskat  

Oct-11-2019 marieann  Please email me at I see you should be just about on. I really need your counseling as I am desperate

Oct-11-2019 marieann  Hi Shawna hopefully you can send me an email to tell me when your online. Things are really fgrom here not speaking from him and I am not bothering. So I think the only sane thing to do is move on

Oct-09-2019 pili0324  

Sep-29-2019 marieann  Excellent as always. Just entertaining his ideas. I am now thinking about what will happen. Please email me when online

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