As a spiritual counselor, I use the gifts of Intuition, Clairvoyance, Channeling & Mediumship, Tarot, and Esoteric Astrology to help you answer important life questions and abundantly embrace a more purposeful life.

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Apr-30-2019 marieann  Always amazing and totally accurate and on it. Je is apparently going to sign up for his Jodie to be built on Thursday. Think he is heavily interacting with the lady across town. I am thinking itís fine to review xx

Apr-26-2019 marieann  He did a counselling session and I heard him making his next appointment with her and then I think she suggested I come or was either me or Ella. I didnít ask he will tell me if that is what he wants

Apr-26-2019 marieann  Hi S wondering if you will be online today. Trying to do what you suggest ignore the phone usage. He was telling his dad about the house he is going to build and by the sounds of love in in it.

Apr-26-2019 Peter777  Excellent was well worth the call. Thank you

Apr-25-2019 marieann  Hi Shawna really keen to talk to you. Big blowup tonight and I said I am not feeling it and feel angry and anxious and stressed all the time. Perhaps he should leave. We are just fighting all the time. Pls email when your online

Apr-20-2019 insight  Thank you

Apr-20-2019 Barvita  Youíre such a great mentor and intuitive! Thank you Shawna for your tremendous support!

Apr-18-2019 marieann  Hi Shawna a 250 dollar voucher for my BD. I have not raised him moving out yet. He saw the house building man and he can do it with the money he has currently. I am encouraging him to do it. Mmmm. Pls email when you are online

Apr-16-2019 marieann  Hi Shawna I am desperate to talk. He went out all weekend with his friends drinking and ??? Or was it drinking. I have had a few outbursts especially on Sunday as I questioned where he really was, with her? Please email me when online

Apr-13-2019 Barvita  I just love speaking to Shawna! She always gives practical advice combined with her psychic gift to clarify any life matter. Thank you from the heart!

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