Why wonder when you can know? Spirit speaks to me in a language of symbols that are messages you are meant to receive. I combine tarot, astrology, and clairvoyance to give you clear and helpful answers for anything that comes your way!

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Feb-22-2018 Bogumila  

Feb-17-2018 joneskat  

Feb-04-2018 ssgtjordan  David is a fabulous reader! Explained everything well and was very pleasant to talk to. So excited about the future! Will definitely call back. Thank you David!

Jan-26-2018 IamIam  Thanks for your lovely support David

Jan-23-2018 Lauren57  Thanks for the reading. Even though it feels weird that this is happening to me. It really does.

Jan-22-2018 Precious08  The reading was more than I had hoped for. Captured the situation well and was able to provide insight which confirmed what I know and what I am anticipating. Very pleasantly surprised. Will call him back!

Jan-20-2018 Shany04  Seemed nice eneough but didnít really connect to my situation very well. Didnít really pick up on the person I was calling about other than he is really busy. Which is true. I appreciate your attempt. But just not a lot of information

Jan-18-2018 EMurphy  I had my first reading with David today and he is kind & very gifted. He picked up on a situation at work that I can confirm to be quite accurate. He had good advice and I will read with him again - highly recommend.

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