I am a Clairvoyant Psychic, Astrologer and Channeler with over 35 years experience. Accurate, compassionate and honest, I am dedicated to helping you find the answers and guidance you need to navigate every life challenge that comes your way.

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Mar-20-2019 SheaBaby  Susyn picked up so many private & important details about my life it was incredible. I havenít had a reading this spot on, Iíll definitely be back. Thank you for your accuracy...the best!

Mar-18-2019 joneskat  Always great and always consistent! I always learn so much after talking with Susyn!

Mar-12-2019 Ben999  Dear, dear Susynn, I really felt Spirit guiding me to talk to you today about the topic, and to get this information, feels like a big relief. I really need someone new and I will TRUST. I love you a lot, I just want you to know you mean a lot.

Mar-12-2019 stirling  The predictions Susyn saw for me came true. I enjoyed our conversation even though it was short. Susyn is gifted and sweet. I look forward to having a follow- up and let her know how things are going?

Mar-11-2019 MisslovelyAi  Susyn, thank you so much for the reading. Your positive energy was what I needed today and very comforting to hear your voice. Highly recommended and will come back to update.

Mar-06-2019 joneskat  

Feb-20-2019 joneskat  

Feb-19-2019 EssieHope  Susyn, was very gentle with her reading very detailed. The best it gave me hope and joy. I pray it comes about Iíll pray on the full moon tonight. Thank you Esperanza

Feb-19-2019 sunnylady  Thank you Susyn. You were spot on.

Feb-19-2019 Ben999  Thank you again, dear Susyn, for your loving help and insight, and the peace that comes through you. I feel Im ready and that a new phase is coming now in many ways. Cause Ive done the work. Thanks for your advice! Love you lots!!! Thankful tears.

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