Have you ever wondered what the people you know and love are thinking and feeling? What about their past? As an Empath Claircognizant, I can tell you! I have 20 plus years of Coaching and Energy Reading. I can help you achieve your dream relationships!

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Sep-19-2018 merlin23  thanks Rishi!

Sep-18-2018 Peter777  Thank you every much.

Aug-25-2018 Snazzylady  Good Reading. I donít know about having children though. Iím 43. I donít think that would even be possible.

Jul-04-2018 obwolo  

Jul-04-2018 obwolo  Always a pleasure. Been trying to call but not connecting :(

Jul-04-2018 obwolo  

Apr-24-2018 sorayah952  Very positive and accurate.

Apr-22-2018 merlin23  wonderful and splendid as always...

Apr-09-2018 Cahillja2005  I gave Rishi one more shot but she has been really judgmental, has an annoyed tone, & goes off on tangents of advice rather than a psychic reading.. I always get off the phone with her feeling angry, misunderstood and hopeless.

Apr-08-2018 Bonita  Thank you Rishi, straight to the situation, good reading. Can you relay

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