A natural Clairvoyant Empath, I use Tarot and my Intuitive gifts to help create more happiness in your life. I give accurate, honest and compassionate answers to guide you through any challenges. I genuinely care, and with Spirit I am here to help.

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Jan-07-2019 peekaboo1946  

Dec-31-2018 peekaboo1946  An absolute star!!! Seraphim really is without any doubt such a gifted Psychic. She is so honest and direct with her readings. Thank you a very Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Dec-29-2018 Yapita  Everything what she said made sense. Very sweet lady and clear in her reading.She didn't ask more questions than my name and name of other person,thats it.Waiting for prediction.

Dec-27-2018 terrye  You have a very calm delivery that I found to be soothing.thank you so much I really enjoyed the reading

Dec-27-2018 koko2725  So kind. Sera interprets her cards eloquently and directly. She may not sugar-coat the message but she is at least kind and how she delivers it. Thank you.

Dec-27-2018 kmboling  Sorry for getting cut off! Will u send a relay. He contacted me again about our son and I replied just to that very short and simple. Very hard to do this but trying. I miss him terribly

Dec-27-2018 Sunny0110  Amazing reader! Thank U Seraphim for being such a compassionate and honest reader. You're my go to when my brain is spinning out of control with insecurities. I hope that 2019 brings us that stability that we both want and need. Happy New year!! XOXO

Dec-24-2018 Ruu2020  Amazing connection! Please send relay as my last question couldn't get answered as minutes ended

Dec-24-2018 emmadee45  Very detailed and her predictions come to pass

Dec-13-2018 Kelkel1  Always great! Thank you Seraphim!

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