A natural Clairvoyant Empath, I use Tarot and my Intuitive gifts to help create more happiness in your life. I give accurate, honest and compassionate answers to guide you through any challenges. I genuinely care, and with Spirit I am here to help.

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Nov-20-2018 Precious08  Would you please send me a realy on the last we were talking about?

Nov-19-2018 Precious08  You truly are my guiding light. Any chance you can relay the rest of what we were talking about?

Nov-17-2018 Debby0611  Love Sera! She has a real GIFT! She has been correct more times than I can count. I trust her readings!

Nov-16-2018 Lilinka  Seraphim is very gifted and truthful ! She sees clearly things and delivers it always in a gentle manner .Could you send me a relay of this ending ? Thank you!

Nov-16-2018 gswafford  Accurate and kind give her try no regrets please send relay on my trying to save home and getting my friends car timeline pl

Nov-14-2018 adresp2006  Thank you !! Hoping that things will turn around soon..

Nov-14-2018 Kelkel1  Thank you Seraphim!

Nov-14-2018 Shany04  Thank you for the very detailed reading. A lot of very great information provided and very on point.

Nov-13-2018 Precious08  Meant when I said, I am so grateful for you! You are a blessing beyond belief!

Nov-08-2018 Kara22  As always, thank you so much! Could you send me a relay, I just wanted to share something lol

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