A gifted psychic and healer for 40+ years, - warm, serene and assured, bringing love and clarity to your life. My accurate guidance lights your soul-path on all issues from simple to complex, from relationships and career, to spiritual development.

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Aug-12-2018 Evaluna  Jessica was amazing and truly gifted! She was able to pickup accurately my personal situation, I very highly recommend a reading with her, I found my new got to reader and Iím looking forward to my next reading!

Jul-30-2018 joanna19  I appreciate your advice you were really spot on. Thank You.

Jul-29-2018 hiwayjill  Thank you so much again Jess! You & your guides were able to give me some very valuable & practical insight tonight. Jess picked up exactly on the specifics I needed to bring me clarity abt things. Now itís a matter of patience on my end! Xoxo

Jul-29-2018 Pianoguru88  Wonderful. Relay? BTW, K has dark hair.

Jul-29-2018 Tasha9195  It was so great to speak with you again today!! Thank you so much for all the details!! You knew exactly where i was coming from before i said anything!

Jul-29-2018 SheaBaby  Jessica goes deep in terms of looking at your life from a spiritual perspective. That is special. She also tuned in exceptionally well to people and multiple aspects of my life. Looking forward to connecting in the future!

Jul-28-2018 dylan63  A very different type of reading and full of many details. Thought provoking ...and then I was sent a relay explaining a lot more. Thank you for your time and effort. Strongly recommend

Jul-28-2018 tropicana7  thank you so much for the honest accurate reading!

Jul-27-2018 obwolo  

Jul-27-2018 obwolo  Thank you Jessica! Super insightful. Points well taken and totally in tune with the situation. Many thanks :)

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