Know the Truth and get clear as I read your energy and open up your world. I heal hearts and guide relationships. Ask for the answer and I will give it to you, along with a sincere and in-depth analysis of the intentions of those around you.

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Aug-02-2019 debneeh  ************************************ not enough stars

Jul-29-2019 debneeh  

Jul-29-2019 debneeh  

Jul-29-2019 LadyGirl  She was not good at all

Jul-24-2019 Redbottoms  Sorry we got cut-off, Lili! You are the best. Thank you. If you have a chance, could you please relay when I might expect to hear from Gina? Thank you!

Jul-23-2019 debneeh  *******************************************

Jul-22-2019 debneeh  

Jul-14-2019 insight  Thank you

Jul-12-2019 Chozen  

Jul-12-2019 Glaucous1  Hi Lili, Thank you for your honest readings. There are 3 advisors I return to on a regular basis and you are one of them ;-). You always tell me what you see good or bad which I love. You often fill in details others miss with amazing accuracy!

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