I am a Clairvoyant-Clairaudient, Psychic-Medium, and Tarot instructor with 20+ years experience. I turn my readings over to Spirit offering you quick insight, answers and direction in love, career, and more to help you align with the future of your dreams.

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Feb-18-2019 Bonita  Thank you my dear Isadora, you are absolutley amazing. :)

Feb-17-2019 stirling  Isadora is an amazing reader. She does connect quickly and takes her time to explain what she is seeing. The only thing I have to say, about my reading is the timelines she has given me, have not come to fruition and my POI still has a girlfriend.

Feb-17-2019 Tracey32  Thank you Isa, I always feel better after we talk. You have become a trusted friend to me and I feel very grateful. You have been correct over and over again and I know this is no different. You’re the best!

Feb-16-2019 Derek1  Another great short reading.Thank you. Did Andy flirt with this guy or did this guy flirt with Andy? Would this become anything more than flirting, will they become a couple or no? Any information about me and Andy would be great. Please reply. Thanks.

Feb-15-2019 Sunny0110  Always consistent Isa, thank you! You have been a God sent with your guidance the last year. I couldn't hear what you were saying...about letting go and things working out? so does that mean he's coming back? can you please relay? sending love & light

Feb-14-2019 seamanns66  Very nice lady and a very good reading.Now just have to wait to see if shes right lol.

Feb-14-2019 Bonita  So wonderful, thank you so much Isadora, a true blessing. Relay please.

Feb-14-2019 sorayah952  Perfect and always on target

Feb-13-2019 Bonita  Simply the best, thank you Isadora, I feel so at ease after talking with you. Please relay we got cut off.

Feb-13-2019 MissEd   One of my favorite human beings in the entire universe. She is the absolute best. Love her to pieces !!!!

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