I am a Clairvoyant-Clairaudient, Psychic-Medium, and Tarot instructor with 20+ years experience. I turn my readings over to Spirit offering you quick insight, answers and direction in love, career, and more to help you align with the future of your dreams.

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Aug-21-2018 sunnylady  Wonderful as always. Connects straight way and is clear and concise. :D

Aug-21-2018 AngelBecky  I just heard from him and it was a lengthy in-depth conversation!!! Wow!!!!

Aug-21-2018 Kara22  Not on his team for the event lol hopefully it'll still turn around!

Aug-21-2018 insight  Thank you

Aug-21-2018 Tracey32  Thank you Isa, Iím sorry it had to be so brief. Could you relay what you were saying when we got cut off? Thank you again for everything! xo

Aug-20-2018 insight  Thank you

Aug-20-2018 insight  Thank you

Aug-20-2018 insight  Thank you

Aug-20-2018 Tracey32  You have gone above and beyond to help us and I am so very grateful. We will see how this week goes and Iíll let you know. I did get a message from him last night that he will call today. Iím just trying to release it and let it be. Thank you xoxo

Aug-19-2018 Bonita  Thank you Isadora, always a joy talking to you. Will call back please stay on.

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