I am a Clairvoyant-Clairaudient, Psychic-Medium, and Tarot instructor with 20+ years experience. I turn my readings over to Spirit offering you quick insight, answers and direction in love, career, and more to help you align with the future of your dreams.

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Nov-20-2018 jal7736  Thanks please could you relay the last part.

Nov-20-2018 Shany04  You are the best! TY! You said New beginnings around the corner. Would that possibly be when they leave by the end of the year?maybe will start to balance out and he can open up a wee bit?maybe start making those "We decisions "as they were saying?

Nov-20-2018 Bonita  Awesome Isadora, I am feeling good about everything and yes having faith in everything from the reading. :) He will be back and we will move on from this.

Nov-19-2018 gipsy46  Thanks Isadora, for the read,we always end up with the same outcome so hers'e hoping for 2019.Blessings for you

Nov-19-2018 Sophielove  Isa, Please tell me what he was feeling and thinking when he left my apartment. I am so grateful to you for helping me through all this. xoxoxoxo

Nov-19-2018 Bonita  Thank you Isadora, I will have faith in what you are saying, this has been a rough last few days. Please relay and will talk soon

Nov-19-2018 insight  Thank you

Nov-19-2018 Bonita  One thousand stars for this beautiful lady. Thank you Isa, I almost texted back, safe travels tomorrow, lol. It's not worth it. lol

Nov-18-2018 Bonita  Thank you Isa, your readings help me through this situation. Please relay got cut off

Nov-18-2018 Sabinka11  Thank you for your honest readings and for being kind and understanding.

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