As an Intuitive Spiritual Coach,Tarot Instructor, and Certified Herbalist, since 1998, I work with the Archangels, Ascended Masters & Goddess archetypes to bring clarity and direction that serves your highest and best good and awakens your most powerful self!

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Jun-05-2020 Afflatus  Isa, thank you so much for everything. You help me during my moments of disconnect from my spirit with what you consistently see for me and A. Big hugz, big luv& 10083;

Jun-04-2020 pili0324  Thank you Isa, it always help to talk to you, can you please send me a relay thank you

Jun-03-2020 sorayah952  Just Love you Isa, you are an amazing human being! Thank for everything & 10084;& 65039;& 128139;

May-31-2020 Tracey32  Always so grateful to you! Itís amazing how much info you give in 4 min. Haha What you said is what I was feeling, truly incredible how on point you are!

May-31-2020 Bonita  Love this lady, so awesome. Thank you Isadora. Please relay

May-29-2020 Kitandous  perfect as always

May-28-2020 koko2725  Thank you. This is confusing me. Any other man and I would be long gone. Isa reads quickly.

May-28-2020 kittyjo  Such an amazing reader, person and friend -thank you so much for Everything:)

May-28-2020 Bonita  Thank you Isa, always a joy reading with you. You are the best! Please relay

May-27-2020 Afflatus  Isa is a good reader. I am encouraged by her readings for my life and look forward to the August predictons. Connected very quickly to me and the person I was calling about and described him exactly. Love you Isa!

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