I am a 4th gen Psychic with clear answers to heart-troubling questions that will not only shock you, but set your burdens free. With help from my Angel and 3 Guides, I will provide detailed answers that will lead you to happiness and bring you peace.

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Sep-22-2018 Ben999  As always you helped me a lot. iīm so grateful, Shashunda. I needed the confirmation and help to get away from the shamefulness Iīve felt, and my guides showed me the root of it all after our great converstaton. Big thanks! Love you so. B

Sep-20-2018 Ben999  Dear Shashunda, THANK YOU!!! You saved me in this, and your help is so appriciated. I will move on with this and ask for the very best outcome. I am protected. Love you so.

Sep-16-2018 Ben999  You relieved me with the confirmation. Thank God I can do what we talked about and what Shashunda confirmed. Feel 10 pounds lighter. - hardly never use that word, but now I do. im free. Love you SO.

Sep-16-2018 Peter777  Thank you every much

Sep-14-2018 Wanna2018  

Sep-12-2018 ehribsek  thankyou.

Sep-12-2018 goodenergy  Very kind. She gave a specific piece of information and I didn't expect that. I am following her advise and we will see.

Sep-11-2018 SamSow  Thank you for clearing things up for me. You are the best.

Sep-11-2018 Peter777  Excellent as always

Sep-09-2018 Ben999  Dear friend, thank you so much for helping me with clearity and knowing what to do. Boundaries! Itīs done. Canīt wait for the new thing to come, to have a plan, a frame. Love you SO much, all my love. B 3

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