Lelia Star
I am a natural born psychic who can "see" with all of my senses. I will work with your Spirit Guides, and unveil secrets of your past, present and future even providing you with actual dates! Time to embrace your most confident self!

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Oct-19-2018 merlin23  While previously there was a connection, this time it turns out there wasn't much of one. Didn't answer my questions, kept talking about other people I may or may not meet. Had to end the call. Sorry.

Oct-05-2018 SamSow  

Oct-04-2018 Sweetheart70  

Sep-30-2018 Peter0311  Leila hit the nail on the head with each sentence and did not give general information Leila is a true psychic and I thank her for spending time with me this morning. I at m not able to pay a month amount but when I can I will check with Leila again.

Sep-23-2018 clay42  nice woman.

Sep-19-2018 Babygirl5  Please send me relay and thank you for your time . You say he wants to be just friends so I will leave that alone

Sep-03-2018 Kat555  Thanks Lelia, could you summarize in a relay please? Not sure exactly how it fits together.

Aug-29-2018 Peter777  Thank you for the excellent session, sorry about the bad phone reception.

Aug-16-2018 Lisa337  Lelia Star is AMAZING!!

Aug-06-2018 Babygirl5  

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