Lelia Star
I am a natural born psychic who can "see" with all of my senses. I will work with your Spirit Guides, and unveil secrets of your past, present and future even providing you with actual dates! Time to embrace your most confident self!

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Aug-16-2018 Lisa337  Lelia Star is AMAZING!!

Aug-06-2018 Babygirl5  

Jul-17-2018 Jazz888  What a great reading! Precise and really answering my questions & 10084;& 65039;

Jul-11-2018 Mary1983  Please can you send me an email summary of our conversation. You misheard me a few times as it was a quiet line. My husband is actually a engineer not a teacher. I am a teacher and I am anxious about findjng work

Jun-26-2018 lovinglola  Good reading. Hearing was a bit muffled at times but I will definitely read with her again. She is the Truth

Jun-23-2018 decher  Thank you :)

Jun-22-2018 nicolesorand  

Jun-15-2018 Bizzybee89  Wow thats exactly what he said shes amazing

Jun-06-2018 Marariki  Awsom reader thank you & 10084;& 65039;

May-11-2018 JazzyQ  

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