Are you seeking healing and guidance that will bring stability and peace to your life? For 25 years, I have provided both fast and accurate answers, talked to loved ones in Spirit and obtained detailed info from Spirit Guides. Help is on the way!

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Apr-18-2018 didonato415  I was disappointed with the reading. I felt like he was hesitating and wasn't sure on how and what to tell me. No I wouldn't ask for him again.

Mar-31-2018 Rellhey  I like his style of reading. He connected very well and immediately. His messages came in confusing for him, but it made total sense to me. Thank you very much for the clarity.

Mar-23-2018 Katepowell87  Thank you so much for your insight! You shed some light on questions I didn’t even know I had! I am truly thankful for your help!

Feb-24-2018 ella24  He was in accurate about a lot of things. He said my ex and I broke up about a year now when it's only been few months

Feb-05-2018 Ben999  Thank you, Tommy. Itīs really appriciated - your answer to me. I will follow your advice, as it feels right. B

Jan-27-2018 chasidy  Good reading but, I asked the same question 3 times and never got an answer.

Jan-27-2018 Naddys  I know it was short but always a good reading. Can u reply w when I'll see him next please and thank you!

Jan-20-2018 psolarek  Thank you

Jan-15-2018 Naddys  Tune in rather quickly seemed to have a grasp on the situation. Very helpful and eased my worries. Dec would call him again. If you could just relay that last part for me we got cut off. Thank Tommy!!

Jan-07-2018 Sallysally  He confirmed my hunches.

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