An Intuitive for over 30 years, I will read and connect with Angels and the Divine, guiding people with love and compassion. It is a comfort to know that no matter what challenges you are facing, big or small, help is just a call away.

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Apr-16-2019 Redbottoms  Lovely, compassionate reading. Thank you, Maggie...loved your connection and explanation of the cards.

Apr-15-2019 Lilinka  Thank you so much wonderful Maggie!! The best to me on here !

Apr-13-2019 stirling  Thanks for the reading Maggie. I forgot to ask you when Jordan was gonna contact. If you remember can you relay?

Apr-13-2019 Tracey32  Thank you! You were correct in what you saw. He got his transfer notice and should be leaving in a week.

Apr-12-2019 Dressing  She was very on point, and told me things I was wondering about but didnt ask her. Very well told and I felt a sence of peace. I want to thank you for her abuility to help me. Thank You

Apr-12-2019 mjulie  Always wonderful to talk to you, Maggie. You are gifted and kind. Thank you :) - Sorry we got cut off. If you could relay on weather you see marlene's transaction goes through, or anything you think I should be aware of. Thank you!!

Mar-30-2019 lucija  Maggie knew details that I did not told her .I will call back Thanks !

Mar-29-2019 Debby0611  Thank you so much Maggie! Can you please relay the last part?

Mar-26-2019 Kelkel1  Thanks for the reading today! Seemed very accurate and in tune with situation.

Mar-25-2019 NIXNIX  Love her style of reading as she is able to dissect things with compassion. Very detailed and accurate. I highly recommend.

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