A 3rd Gen Psychic, Clairvoyant and Claircognizant, I use Tarot to accurately answer your questions. With 20+ years experience, I will compassionately and accurately forecast your future, giving you the Truth in all areas of your life.

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Sep-13-2018 Jdiggity  Awesome reading as usual, thank you!!

Sep-02-2018 Redbottoms  Love, love, love this woman! Thank you, Kaysie

Jul-13-2018 Redbottoms  Love talking to Kaysie. She has been a shining light through a lot of clouds, pain and heartbreak. Uncannily accurate.Doesn't have to ask a lot of questions because she just KNOWS.Thanks for ALL those moments where you supported me.God bless you.

Jul-01-2018 mjulie  Kaysie, you are amazing. Is so great to talk to you again! If you would please send me a quick note on the last part where you were relaying about my Son and got cut off. Thanks again!

Jun-14-2018 Jdiggity  Kaysie is really amazing, shes able to see so much about the future its pretty remarkable. Really great person too, non judgemental and fun to talk to!

Jun-04-2018 Redbottoms  It was great to see you on tonight, especially since it's my birthday. It is always a pleasure to speak with you. Sorry we got cut off before I could express my gratitude. You are the best. I wish you continued health and happiness. Thank you! xo

Apr-07-2018 joneskat  

Nov-17-2017 Redbottoms  I tried to reconnect with you again tonight, but you were super busy...I can understand why, you're a great psychic! Even though I couldn't see it at the time, you always knew that a beautiful future awaited me. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Oct-12-2017 Redbottoms  thank you, Kaysie! Always appreciate your support

Oct-08-2017 Jdiggity  Awesome reader!! Thanks again Kaysie!

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