A 3rd Gen Psychic, Clairvoyant and Claircognizant, I use Tarot to accurately answer your questions. With 20+ years experience, I will compassionately and accurately forecast your future, giving you the Truth in all areas of your life.

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Jan-07-2019 Rochelle2bad  Kind, no shaming, to the point. She was amazing!

Dec-28-2018 Jdiggity  Kaysie is an excellent reader, easily sees what's going on and offers great information and detail. Wonderful person too!

Dec-27-2018 Sunny0110  Kaysie thank you for setting my heart at ease. I always let my insecurities take a hold of my rational thinking. I hope your predictions come to pass soon. He is truly my prince charming. Thank you again. XOXO

Dec-20-2018 mlalat  So glad to have connected with her again. Very talented and trustworthy. I had missed her! xoxox

Nov-28-2018 Redbottoms  

Nov-26-2018 joneskat  

Nov-12-2018 joneskat  

Oct-31-2018 Knart12  Sorry... she got the whole story wrong. I didnít break up with him. And he wasnít controlling at all. We broke up because of long distance

Oct-28-2018 MissEd  Fats, accurate and real! No hesitation!

Oct-26-2018 Redbottoms  one in a million...thank you!

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