Angelic Amy
My greatest joy is being of service! With a special ability to connect deeply with others, you will find me a non-judgmental Intuitive Counselor. A multi-gifted Psychic and Medium, I will relay clear answers on any matter to help you in your time of need.

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Sep-18-2018 kmboling  Ty for reading amy would U send a relay please. I'm going to try my best to give space and let us calm down the hurt & 128532; I'm hoping that's the right thing to do

Sep-17-2018 roshelle  Amazing Amy :) Her excellent intuitive counsel and predictive nature is proving to be such a benefit to trusting my own instincts and sorting out the confusing behaviour of others around me. Things are happening as she saw. Highly recommended.

Sep-15-2018 koko2725  Thank you for always listening. It is appreciated.

Sep-14-2018 lovely24  Amy's the best. She's always able to provide clarity when I need answers

Sep-14-2018 Ben999  Big thanks for ur clarity and warmhearted help. You comforted and brought bacj to me my strength and stamina and more calm. ThankU!! B

Sep-11-2018 kmboling  Hi Amy I was wondering if u could send a relay I am frustrated anxious hubby has had little to no contact lately. Drama with his real aunt this week and I keep foster mom updated on my progress hoping it is helping. Very sad today

Sep-11-2018 adresp2006  Thank you Amy !! Appreciate your guidance..

Sep-10-2018 ssgtjordan  Thanks so much for the quick reading. I feel so much better. Amy dives right in and I could feel the positivity flowing in.

Sep-09-2018 jp72162  Always five stars! You told me that I should write a letter to my future self about going on a trip, and guess what - I am going on a trip. A big one. So grateful for your continued guidance and predictions. They are happening!

Sep-09-2018 Bonita  Thank you Amy, always a great reading. Please relay the last of our conversation.

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