Born a Psychic Medium and energy healer, I have helped hundreds of people (including celebrities, doctors, and psychologists) communicate with loved ones who have passed, receive answers to their questions and heal their hearts and bodies.

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Feb-14-2019 Caplican  Satya you set my focus on a woman calling and more answers came up as tho she was the leader .... I am doing much better now, thank you for your help!!!

Feb-10-2019 Jono2716  im Just sorry our time was short and rushed, hope I didnít seem rude or impatient, because Iím truly not. I put you in my contacts , so I will call again. Thank you for sharing your gift with me today& 10084;& 65039;

Feb-09-2019 NikkiLuxx  She is amazing and so helpful, real and honest. It's a beautiful blessing to get a reading with her. Thank you & 10084;

Feb-08-2019 bianca630  

Feb-06-2019 Sunny0110  Satya is always honest and dead on with her reads. Even if sometimes you donít want to hear it, itís always informative, and I rather get the truth without any sugar coating. Thank you Satya

Feb-05-2019 seamanns66  it was a good reading.i have to wait and see if she is right

Feb-03-2019 KCoulter82  Your always the best!!!

Feb-03-2019 Caplican  Satya again was spot on with her take on my situation and I invite you to call her and benefit from doing so. Thank you Satya!!!! You are great!!!!

Feb-01-2019 Sabinka11  Thank you so much, enjoyed the cal, although it was a short one. Sick pay was more of a pity money, will wait until next pay in two weeks before calling back again. Please can you reply to the email I sent a while ago.

Jan-30-2019 Aenloe001  So helpful!

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