Born a Psychic Medium and energy healer, I have helped hundreds of people (including celebrities, doctors, and psychologists) communicate with loved ones who have passed, receive answers to their questions and heal their hearts and bodies.

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Jun-16-2019 Pjasam  Great honest confident & 128077;. I fell bad,he home all day with her..I feel empty

Jun-15-2019 Pjasam  Very straight forward,honest. He pulled up behind me an looked nervous an fidget what did he think he did nothing.

Jun-15-2019 pili0324  Sorry but not connetcted at all

Jun-14-2019 bongio  Satya is the very best....I truly appreciate all of her insights and her positive energy. She's extremely talented.

Jun-14-2019 Trish90  

Jun-13-2019 Pjasam  Call she will amaze you! In front of everybody he didn't go to work ,he went to the bar went home they're arguing again in the front yard. I'm thinking those cards, and when I turned off , might have made a miracle

Jun-09-2019 Pjasam  Try are you alive are very honest very quick and she knows what she's talkin about give her a shot what in God's name do they talk about when they're by their self I just don't understand he's not doing anything but what she wants.

Jun-08-2019 Phobes123  Even in the short 6 minutes she was incredibly insightful and helpful with my question. Will definitely be contacting again for more wisdom!

Jun-08-2019 Taraferb  Can you please reply if I should send the tickets? Thank you

Jun-06-2019 bongio  Satya is the very best! I love my time with her....and she's so on point.

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