Andrea Grace
My Spirit guides have all the info you need. Let me help you on your journey with kind, caring advice that is right to the point. Known for my accuracy & integrity, I tell it like it is but never judge. You will have peace of mind in your readings with me.

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Apr-18-2019 Peter777  Excellent

Apr-16-2019 Chemist  Will talk to you very soon. =)

Apr-16-2019 Shamya  

Apr-16-2019 Chemist  Canít believe weíve been on this journey together for so long. I want to thank you. Iíve learned so much more of what Iím capable of. Will talk to U soon.

Apr-11-2019 Jeanne12  You are amazing person such a joy to talk to

Apr-08-2019 suecoronaa  

Apr-08-2019 Vornbee  Truly an amazing conversation, straight forward, knew exactly what I wanted to know. I feel very honest. Thank you so much i so look forward to June, thank you truly amazing.

Apr-06-2019 Chemist  I wrote up somethin that Iíd like to tell Him and it felt good bcuz I got somethng else off my chest without sendin it. Iíll tlk to you soon.

Apr-05-2019 Chemist  When I do reach out Iíll be nice and direct but heíll have a mouth full to listen to because I realized a txt may be too long haha. But thank you I appreciate you Andrea!

Apr-05-2019 Chemist  Iíll keep holding out like Iíve been doing until a couple days from now. We havenít had a decent convo in a long time. No txts or anything so unfortunately it wonít be hard.

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