Cosmic Coach
I use my 12 years of experience working with Angels and Guides to help clients find clarity in every situation. Using Lithomancy (crystal reading) and the Crystal Oracle (cards), I provide guidance and insight for the future.

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Jan-16-2019 Tracey32  Thank you, your reading really resonated with me. Also your prediction from 6 months ago did occur. It wasnít what I was hoping for but you were correct.

Jan-14-2019 Shany04  I always get a great reading

Nov-19-2018 Shany04  Thank you for you time! you are very clear and give great readings! One question I had before we got cut off was was about how long to wait before it all unfolds? If you could relay that information that would be great. Thank you again !!

Nov-11-2018 JG7445  He is just a wonderful reader

Oct-25-2018 nalaprincess  Just awesome. A different and very indepth approach to a difficult situation. He was accurate and quick to give information. Thank you for yhe insight.

Oct-02-2018 Shany04  Thank you for the great reading really nailed a lot of what is going on. We got cut off right as you were stating how he feels. Can you please relay. But you really hit the nail on the head. I really look forward to the next few months

Sep-26-2018 terrye  Thank you so much

Sep-10-2018 Yoda104  Awesome reading! The first part of the reading has already come to past. Waiting for next part of the predictions to come to past.

Aug-31-2018 Rainbow31  Great reading

Jul-06-2018 Shany04  Thank you for the reading it was great! Could you please relay about the 3 of cups card. You said itís normally about marriage. Iím not loling for marriage while it will be nice Iím just looking for commit does this have a future ?

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