A 3rd generation Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Empath. I devised my own time board to give accurate time frames for my predictions. I will connect directly to my guides and provide you with the answers you need to find light in even the darkest situations.

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Nov-11-2018 Flashtash  Wow spit on

Oct-27-2018 Shany04  Thank you for the interesting reading

Oct-07-2018 debbie1215  

Oct-06-2018 insight  Thank you

Sep-24-2018 LadyD17  Mariella, was perfect was able to pick up on my situation quickly and advise me so that I can move forward with my decisions. Very informative and accurate, Thank you Mariella!!!

Sep-10-2018 JG7445  she was delightful and inline with everyone else on predictions :)

Aug-26-2018 Chamere  Mariella was an awesome reader I felt more relaxed and confident after reading with her she gave great insight and knows her stuff thank you so much Mariella will be contacting you again

Aug-04-2018 Greenlove  Sorry, that was the worst reading Iíve gotten in my life. You kept mixing up dates. And said things that were amazing but impossible. Like very impossible and it sounded like she was sleeping.

Jul-27-2018 azzur2006  Mariella was awesome! She was able to tune into my job situation and reaffirmed what I believe is about to happen soon. Highly recommend! Very pleasant!

Jul-20-2018 livvie call shorted out multiple times despite being in a good reception area. I would appreciate a refund for the time.

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