For 30 years, I have delivered thousands of Spirit greetings through Spiritualist churches and private readings. Now, let my Guides offer their insight and guidance to you, communicated with honesty and compassion. You CAN create your desired future!

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Jun-12-2019 Mel2015  Thank you. Itís always a pleasure talking to You. One of my favorites..... always clear and straight to the point. Your advise has been right on each time .

Jun-11-2019 bonethrower  Outstanding as ever. You deliver gems of accuracy on detail you could never have known about. Will update on that 'web of bureaucracy' you spoke of. Thank you Monica x

Jun-07-2019 serena1  This reading never connected and I never had one yet was charged. Refund pleaee asap... you will hear there was no reading and no connection yet I have still been charged

Jun-07-2019 Sunny0110  Thank you Monica! I can always rely on Spirit and your insightful advice! Much love and light

Jun-04-2019 bonethrower  So much inspiration and information. Just called for a little 'Monica Magic' - wow - I wasn't expecting all of that. Glad its recorded. Thank you so much !

Jun-03-2019 Katepowell87  Monica, as always, thank you from the bottom of my heart! The insight and guidance you provide is ALWAYS above and beyond what Iím looking for, but itís always what I need! & 10084;& 65039; Thank you!!

May-30-2019 bonethrower  I was blown away at how the tiny details you described would happen, did precisely as you said yesterday - right down to at least four apologies. Million stars

May-29-2019 Lauren57  Monica thanks so much! Can you please send me good vibes and do your magic for me for Thurs and Friday at work. I need your help. So many blessings to you!

May-29-2019 bonethrower  I will be back with update on today. Spooky accurate! I didn't see that coming with my friend but you did!! Thank you so much Monica and your spirit team x

May-28-2019 lyberiangirl  Awesome

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