With some trusted help from the wonderful world of Spirit and a unique knowledge (spanning 3 decades) on tarot, numerology, dowsing and African bone-throwing, allow me to help you find direction and clarity with your most pressing concerns and questions.

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Oct-17-2018 sapegues  Truly the best thanks for everything donít know what I would do without you very rare gem. Please check your inbox thanks

Oct-17-2018 Bogumila  Thank you Shani ! I trust your prediction! They are usually right!

Oct-16-2018 Marle17  Thank you.

Oct-15-2018 jp72162  Thank you so much for always being there for me Shani! I do believe the positive outcome is possible, thanks to you.

Oct-15-2018 Ben999  Dearest, thank you for bringing light into this pain and giving ne support and helping me FORWARD. Love you so& 10084;& 65039;& 10084;& 65039;& 10084;& 65039;& 129498;& 8205;& 9792;& 65039;

Oct-15-2018 Pariai  

Oct-14-2018 suchee  

Oct-14-2018 Beachgyrl  AMAZING! We were stumped but reading was accurate! An oversight. Sent list later. Stated forgot due to other events. Shani's accuracy is precise, tells true thoughts with compassion! Honesty is refreshing. Thanks so much!

Oct-14-2018 mable91367  Thank you, Shani!

Oct-14-2018 Stinabina  Thanks for confirming

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