Dawn Star
I am a genuine psychic, Master Tarot reader and relationships specialist, with an innate ability to see into the heart of anyone and deliver Truth on any matter. Your karmic debt will be explained, your path will be made clear, and your destiny revealed.

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Aug-21-2018 eedeed  Dawn is GREAT. What a dynamite reader. She is dead on the the money--her comments hit true with no info from me right from the beginning. (not all sunshiny info by the way). If you want the real deal-here she is!

Aug-12-2018 Jdiggity  Awesome reading, spot on! Thanks Dawn!

Aug-12-2018 monnalisa  Always accurate and precise, 5 stars! Could you please relay the last sentence? thanks!

Aug-02-2018 LadyD17  Thank you Dawn, I hope I will hear from him soon, I do not have any control as far as his timing to make changes, but a little courtesy to me would be appreciated from him, its a 2 way street

Jul-27-2018 ineedurhelp1  she was amazing . seemed very accurate if i had more money i would have loved to talk longer

Jul-25-2018 scout41611  Dawn Star was fairly accurate beyond the fact that she misunderstood my financial question as I'm not looking for money for happiness but a lesser financially burdened life was what I was hoping to hear. A future reading may help to clarify the situation.

Jul-25-2018 Tiffytia  Sorry was not really a fan of this reading. No predictions no advice just told me it was karma and I need to learn from it.

Jul-19-2018 Naddys  She seemed to pick up on the situation pretty quick gave a lot of info for a small amount of time. Can you relay where he is going to invite me in 3 weeks? Please and thank you.

Jul-15-2018 Ilovedwight  She told me the same thing my trusted advisor told me.

Jun-28-2018 Mirhelp  Thanks!!! Awesome and quick.

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