A Lightworker, energy healer & conduit for messages from Spirit, I tap into your energy to heal the past, clarify the present & explore the future in all questions life brings: relationships, career, lost objects, pets & loved ones on the Spiritual Plane.

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Oct-13-2018 zozobee  Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with me. I always appreciate the guidance I receive as it puts things into perspective for me.

Oct-06-2018 nalaprincess  So thankful. I know I was guided to call her specifically. Shed lots of clarity. Thank you again!!

Oct-06-2018 nalaprincess  Amazing. Able to tune in with lots of accuracy. Gave me options, was patient and answered all of my questions. She really came through and gave me an indepth read and included details no one else was able to give.

Oct-04-2018 MeganVale  Thank you Dianna, strong feedback as usual.

Sep-23-2018 zozobee  Thank you Dianna. A trusted advisor!

Sep-17-2018 believe  

Sep-14-2018 HuiHuixiang  She is a real psychic who is very accurate with picking up information

Aug-15-2018 RoHouse  

Aug-14-2018 Roberts  Dianna was pleasant enough. And I believe there was some connection to my partner. But the delivery was pretty slow

Aug-07-2018 Raysima  I'm sorry we got cut off. Could you please relay?

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