A Lightworker, energy healer & conduit for messages from Spirit, I tap into your energy to heal the past, clarify the present & explore the future in all questions life brings: relationships, career, lost objects, pets & loved ones on the Spiritual Plane.

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Aug-15-2018 RoHouse  

Aug-14-2018 Roberts  Dianna was pleasant enough. And I believe there was some connection to my partner. But the delivery was pretty slow

Aug-07-2018 Raysima  I'm sorry we got cut off. Could you please relay?

Aug-06-2018 believe  

Aug-02-2018 audimomma  

Jul-18-2018 mariahb5  I automatically connected, everything she was saying was true and I hope to get in contact years later to let her know how Iím doing. I had a wonderful phone call experience

Jun-25-2018 decher  This was the only bad reading I've had on this network. The reader seems to make things up which were far-fetched. After wasting 4 minutes of my time with no valid information, she admitted she was not connected. I would like my money back. Thank you.

Jun-20-2018 zozobee  Thank you for the trusted intuitive guidance!

Jun-03-2018 Teatea36  

May-28-2018 gswafford  Awesome and accurate read can u send relay on ray i tried to listen to re ording but it wasnt all the way clear thanks

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