I invite those in search of guidance to receive a direct and compassionate reading from an experienced energy reader.Specializing in Intuitive Channeled Guidance, I will tune directly into the heart of your matter and deliver the answers you seek.

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Jan-18-2019 Auauau  Very accurate. To the point. Worth your time and money

Jan-17-2019 sunnylady  Wonderful reading. Very comforting. Looking forward to call again.

Jan-16-2019 Bonita  I just love this woman, what a blessing to have found her. Thank you Isthemus for all you do. Please send relay and I will continue to be strong and put that brick wall up. Please send me positive and healing energy.

Jan-16-2019 jengil  Thank you so much Isthemus! You have been very helpful.

Jan-15-2019 gipsy46  Thank you Isthemus, great talking to you, and hearing about positive change. you are good for the soul. Blessings!

Jan-14-2019 Barvita  Invaluable and very intuitive advisor! Thank you for your feedback Isthemus! Itís always great to connect with you!

Jan-13-2019 Kelkel1  Thanks for your honesty

Jan-04-2019 Raysima  Thank you so much Isthemus :) I really like him and I'm sure everything will work out well between both of us. Love you!

Jan-04-2019 Tracey32  Hi Isthemus, I wanted to let you know I did hear from Christian. You didnít see it happening for year but fortunately I did talk with him. You were so kind and caring and I know you were telling me exactly what you saw. Thankfully there was a shift.

Jan-02-2019 Bonita  Just love your readings, thank you Isthemus. Please relay last thoughts.

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