Spirit Speaks
My specialties are Love and Romance, Soulmate Relationships, Career and Family. Together we can find your answers and what lies ahead. My readings come from the heart and are very empowering. I am also an Advanced Theta DNA2 Healer.

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May-16-2020 XxRiskyxX  Spirit was getting things very correct to issues that led to my question without much detail. Shes very caring and in depth in her readings. A very pleasant experience. Ty Spirit very much!

May-16-2020 XxRiskyxX  Spirt Speaks I found to be very insightful, very pleasant, and very caring in the reading she gave me. She revealed alot about the past, and I confirmed them. I will go back to her for my future readings. Ty Spirit

May-12-2020 Rndiva33  Thanks for the insite

Apr-29-2020 Rndiva33  Fantastic reading. Not sure what the future holds. Please relay

Apr-27-2020 Rndiva33  Great reading

Apr-27-2020 Rndiva33  Excellent

Apr-27-2020 Rndiva33  Omg, I havent seen u on here in a long time. I& 39;m dying to talk to you. Hope you will be on on friday.

Apr-14-2020 Emelin  

Mar-15-2020 Patty3  I appreciate it. Hope to get back to her. Only one problem I didn& 39;t get a copy of the recording.

Mar-08-2020 Rndiva33  Thank you, I think he will want to have a clarifying discussion when we become serious.

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