Need an accurate, affordable reading? A way to contact lost loved ones? Insights on your purpose in life? I can help! As an experienced psychic and spiritual counselor, I have been guiding clients safely toward a better life for over 30 years.

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May-05-2018 ssgtjordan  Really enjoyed the reading. Thank you!

May-04-2018 Mama12  

May-04-2018 GARDENER  This was my first time reading with Aeanos. His delivery was calm and deliberate. Hit quite a few targets without asking questions. I would highly recommend Aeanos. Will call again.

Apr-28-2018 toniboney  Aeanos was great! I like the fact of not having to share too much information,but he still was able to pin point things about my situation and mentioned things rather they were good or not thank you! For your honesty ,thatís most important in a reading

Apr-28-2018 terrye  Told you I would call again Lol!! Please send relay as you were telling me about other person getting remarried and being happy

Apr-28-2018 terrye  Great reading!! You made me laugh! Will definitely call again please send relay as we got cut off

Apr-03-2018 alisonreid  

Apr-03-2018 Daisy1958  Tarot reading, hard for me to understand need it to be in regular wording

Mar-27-2018 Naddys  Aeanos was very calm and patient. He picked up on the situation pretty well, he seemed to be a little unsure at times but explained the tarot well. He also sent a really nice relay.

Mar-26-2018 mimi1982  I am honestly happy with my reading. He is very detailed. Thanks again for your honesty.

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