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Do you have burning questions? Mountain Sage, with 32 years of experience, follows the path of her lineage in the footsteps of her grandfather, Sequoia, former medicine man and Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Get the in-depth answers you are seeking!

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Mar-17-2019 lala521  

Mar-17-2019 joneskat  Wonderful reading! Very compassionate and full of accurate detail. Thank you Sage!

Mar-14-2019 Ben999  BLESS YOU. You just set me free. Thank you!!! From the bottom of my heart. I felt so drawn to him, I loved him, was so grateful, the help I got. And it was like a net. So painful, all sorts of things. Broke my heart. Love U!

Mar-12-2019 SitaPriya  

Mar-08-2019 jp72162  My dear Sage - thank you so much for all you have shown me over the years. I remain hopeful in the outcome (no word yet) we can't all be wrong ;-) xo

Feb-18-2019 Ben999  Thank you so, so much for your words, it calmed me, and I needed to know. And thanks for your words to me about me. It strengthened me, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Bless you and take care.

Feb-10-2019 apolitical  Sorry it cut us off before I could say thank you! Sage is very nice and very accurate. I felt a wonderful energy from her!

Feb-04-2019 lkijhgf  Bang on!! Will call again very soon to follow up. Very accurate

Feb-03-2019 Ben999  Thank you so, so much, for your comfort and understanding and helping me see and understand this better, also my role. Thank you, I felt your love, it comforted my heart. Blessings back to you. Red fox tail B

Jan-30-2019 Barvita  Thank you for being honest Mountain Sage. I appreciate your feedback and sincerity!

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