Mountain Sage
Do you have burning questions? Mountain Sage, with 32 years of experience, follows the path of her lineage in the footsteps of her grandfather, Sequoia, former medicine man and Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Get the in-depth answers you are seeking!

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May-21-2020 jaijai  

May-17-2020 colspapp  

May-07-2020 jp72162  One of the very best on PA! Thank you Sage for giving me so much guidance and support on this very complicated journey. xo

May-04-2020 ft8051  first time for a call i felt like i needed more time she is a good soul for the universe

May-03-2020 Barvita  Sage, you’re terrific guide on any matter and circumstance! Thank you for your loving presence and psychic wisdom!!!

Apr-29-2020 jfrey037  Thank you so much for you& 39;re reading! You made me feel so much better! Always so accurate. Everything you have said in the past was correct and even what you told me today is starting to come to pass. Thanks again!

Apr-28-2020 Barvita  Thank you Sage for honest and compassionate read! Always look forward to hear your feedback on any matter!!

Apr-28-2020 Pariai  She was very , healing in what direction I should take ! I will call her again !

Apr-22-2020 Rndiva33  So I communicated I was feeling this distance and that I was hoping everything was ok with him and his family. He responded with issues from is son and from his daughter. Daughter is living in his condo in another city. Please relay

Apr-20-2020 jp72162  Thank you Sage! Our readings always give me clarity and help me understand the complex dynamics I am dealing with. As always, I will keep you posted. xx

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