Soaring Spirit
With the help of my three guides, I'll deliver messages that will provide specific answers to your past, present & future situations. Laughter is the best medicine and with me you'll receive a reading that is accurate, meaningful and fun.

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Jan-19-2015 obwolo  

Jan-07-2015 semjaza  

Jan-07-2015 Precious08  will have to wait and see what happens.

Jan-07-2015 WiseWendy  Excellent and extremely helpful. I deeply appreciated speaking with her and would highly recommend her to other people, as well.

Jan-07-2015 roxybeth  The details Soaring Spirit gave me about a loved one felt real. She told me to be patient with this loved one and I intend to do that......I wish I could have had longer to speak with this psychic....I felt as though I could trust her.....

Jan-07-2015 Tkmuni  I have never talk to Soaring Spirit before but WOW. I could talk to her for longer. She picked up on everything. I am going to work on everything you said. Thank you

Dec-09-2014 solemio  Thank you for an excellent reading. You saw a lot of important things right away and gave me helpful advice.

Aug-30-2014 holmesblizz  Spirit was direct to the point, but very friendly. She connected with the guy in question quickly. Will be calling again!

Aug-30-2014 lkijhgf  Excellent right on the money. do you think 8 days is too long to go , I wanted to see if he asks my dad where I am lol. Please please relay thank you so much!!

Apr-01-2014 lucija  Wow so accurate . Please be more often on PA. Thanks!!!

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