With just an ordinary deck of playing cards, I can see your future unfold. If you want to know what is in the cards for you, I will use my natural gifts and 30+ years of experience to provide you with an incredibly accurate and detailed reading.

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May-10-2008 krystalz1  Excellent thank you!!! You really made my evening!

May-06-2008 nilisha  Thanks for suggesting the personals things. I think it will keep me occupied !!

May-05-2008 sunset22  Great..thank you :) Really surprised to hear that this guy will be in my future...and i will marry him wow..that took me totally by surprise ..i hope things work out :)

May-04-2008 jesssay  very very interesting.. thank you so much!! wiill be back :)

May-04-2008 glitz212  Thank you very good reading!!

Apr-27-2008 connie  he is just too good,i love u.............................................

Apr-24-2008 laylaw  Thank U for a very confirming reading

Apr-23-2008 nilisha  great as always - his predictions have started coming true!!

Apr-22-2008 rdrsusan  You are awesome, everything you say happens just as you say it will. You told me they would hassle me about my car and they did, and paid nothing like you said. you are the greatest.

Apr-21-2008 answers  thank you, lets see what happenes!

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