Feeling stuck? Need clarity? I'm a 5th Gen Psychic-Medium offering positive, life changing readings that are precise and accurate. My heart and soul will connect with yours, providing messages of guidance, direction and healing.

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May-29-2015 Nickie22  Thank you, I look forward to the change. Many blessings Nichole

May-29-2015 dream2016  Thank you, you were spot on. Hope you can send me the last sentence you were saying when we got cut off.

May-26-2015 fatzya  thanks

May-20-2015 jenique  Confirmed a lot and easy to speak with..on target

May-20-2015 jenique  Was in line with what I felt. .just working on myself to manifest what I am seeking to attract. .time periods not an issue because time lines can be changed..thanks

May-19-2015 lkijhgf  Consistent with others thanks!

May-14-2015 yodonna65  My first time with Tiara and she was awesome. I will definitely be coming back! Thanks again Tiara.

May-11-2015 antoniagtu  

May-11-2015 msnadz  Thank you once again. Please can you relay me on the last question?

May-11-2015 msnadz  Thank you. You described my feelings exactly as they're!

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