A Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and Empath, I use intuitive gifts and Tarot to illuminate the truth and provide real answers. A conduit for messages from the Spirit Realm, I connect to your Guides, share their insights, and move you to a fulfilling life.

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Nov-23-2013 Lilinka  I am just blown away how fantastic she is . Do not hesitate to contact her . Alaya could you send a relay with your last sentence ? Thank you for the great reading !

Nov-23-2013 redrose  Thank you very much for your insight. Sorry the phone just went dead as we were talking.

Nov-23-2013 Emzernj  It was like talking to a friend! She really could tell a lot about me from her cards… it was amazing!

Nov-23-2013 Wad8267  

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