Angelic Heights
In my compassionate, accurate, and intuitive way, I will clear what is blocking you from your dreams and goals as I delve into your past, fix what is wrong in your present, and give you accurate solutions so you may claim your desired future.

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Apr-18-2011 Concetta  Thank you Gail, for your encouragement, support and for confirming what i felt to be true about myself! Blessings!!

Apr-17-2011 khoady  thank you for the guidance!

Apr-17-2011 CLASYLDYT  I enjoyed my reading and would not have a problem consulting with again!

Apr-16-2011 bessiegirl  Very good! Tunes into situation before you even finish your question! Will call again!

Apr-16-2011 Maldora  It was very encouraging and sweet, but on the other hand it sounded so universal it could be told almost anyone. And the time prediction - who knows whether it will come true? I can only wish so! However, thank you! I do feel better now.

Apr-16-2011 LightAngel  Hi Angelic Heights ... thank you for my 2nd uplifting reading! Sorry that I didn 't leave some feedback until now. Your insight is very much appreciated and has me feeling very happy! Will let you know how it all eventually unfolds :)

Apr-15-2011 readme1  Great reader and fast

Apr-15-2011 lkijhgf  Not sure what to say - i will need things you say to happen. I have used this site for one year and not one prediction has come true from the many psychics I have tried

Apr-15-2011 PWsMMy  Amazing and HONEST reading! Gail picked up on the energies right away and called it like she saw it...LOVE that! Her honesty and insight are delivered with warmth, compassion and humor. Thanks for a great reading!

Apr-14-2011 Sandiah  I enjoyed our brief session and wish it could have lasted longer. Thank you, Gail!

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