A natural born Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Medium, I am quick with details and high on accuracy! For 25 plus years, I have provided insights on health, love, work, relationships, legal matters, and I connect with loved ones deceased and living.

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Dec-19-2018 Ray2014  The best reading ever. I am amazed with the specific details without much information. Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!

Dec-19-2018 insight  Thank you for the information

Dec-14-2018 NIXNIX  Highly recommend. She was able to pick up on some very vital details.

Dec-11-2018 insight  Thank you

Dec-11-2018 lionesst  Marlene was great! I needed her positive assurance and I'm looking forward to calling her back with great news.

Dec-05-2018 Marle17  Thank you.

Nov-28-2018 insight  Thank you once again, this rating is the conclusion of the previous call.

Nov-28-2018 insight  Marlene is an excellent reader. She provides pertinent information to include names, places and etc. The information was quickly provided and relayed in a pleasant manner. I am impressed.

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