Lady Pamela
A naturally God-gifted Psychic, I'll often stop a stranger to deliver a message. After a near-death experience, I've dedicated my life to providing honest, caring, and accurate answers! Allow me to bring peace and healing into your life.

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May-03-2013 Gemini83  Pamela, you were wonderful, well I sent him the text saying no pressure but I missed his contact and he replied.. nothing too romantic but its a start.. wow you are good xx

May-03-2013 Lauren57  Pamela was fantastic!!! What a wonderful psychic!!! I will definately call her again!!!

May-03-2013 magiccandace  Really enjoyed my reading, she is great and picked up on the situation so accurately. Thanks so much and I will be calling back for sure!

May-02-2013 FrannieP1108  Lady Pamela is very sweet, kind and her voice is very inviting. She gave my a great reading and confirmed a lot! As we got off the phone with Lady Pamela he texted me!!

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