A natural born Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Medium, I am quick with details and high on accuracy! For 25 plus years, I have provided insights on health, love, work, relationships, legal matters, and I connect with loved ones deceased and living.

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Jan-04-2019 MSO2001  No ma'm...had NO answer to the question I was asking.Started saying random places and things that had nothing to do with me or my question.wish I could give one star or 0 stars.

Dec-27-2018 Babylasvegas  Moral obligation was the reason behind our parting! Correct on parents death to occur. Mothers been very ill. Mom controlled all decisions in the family. Correct on his heart is with me. He is free after parents passings. Correct on all you saw!

Dec-23-2018 thetp1  Amazing reading. Quick and accurate details with great advice. Highly recommend.

Dec-22-2018 SamSow  Excellent. Please relay didn't hear the last part.

Dec-22-2018 Saffergirl  So sorry Marlene, there's clearly still something wrong with the line.

Dec-22-2018 insight  Thank you

Dec-21-2018 Babylasvegas  Accurate about July important promise. That was my wedding date month! Accurate about special Arab food, traditions ect. Many validations. Now comes the future! You saw my past, present accurately! Thank you!

Dec-21-2018 Babylasvegas  Marlene is VERY REAL! She doesn’t want info. “Aka... a real psychic”! She gives info. Accurate about Syria, Las Vegas, and grand opening of hotels. Accurate on Miami (just visited) New York ( left 2004) we will see about the future predictions!

Dec-20-2018 emmadee45  

Dec-20-2018 Sunny0110  Great reading, picked up very quickly. Definitely will call back. Give her a try. I'm sorry I ran out of time. Thank you Marlene!

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