An Intuitive for over 30 years, I will read and connect with Angels and the Divine, guiding people with love and compassion. It is a comfort to know that no matter what challenges you are facing, big or small, help is just a call away.

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Jul-06-2019 mjulie  Wonderful reading from you, Maggie. Thank you for always being honest and detail with your delivery. You deserve more than 5 stars : )

Jul-03-2019 Kara22  So I guess he didnít want the appearance of walking in together?

Jul-01-2019 Emelin  

Jun-29-2019 Lilinka  Thank you Maggie for your time ! Please relay the ending about sending it .

Jun-28-2019 Jdiggity  Awesome as always!

Jun-28-2019 Lilinka  Thank you very much Maggie ! Always a great reading and your kindness is a blessing

Jun-19-2019 Thaddesha  

Jun-19-2019 Lilinka  Thank you Maggie ! Please relay timing as the lines are cutting

Jun-17-2019 Lilinka  Maggie thank you !! Always a great reading ! Please relay then ending as the line cut . Thank you !

Jun-14-2019 Lilinka  Always a great reading from Maggie ! The one I trust ! Please remay when you can

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