Lauren Joy
Your Angels, Guides, and departed loved ones are your navigation system. With my ability to see, hear, and feel what they communicate, I'll relay messages for your highest good to empower and help you find your way in the dark.

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Dec-16-2014 buckner  thank you !

Dec-12-2014 Shebandit  a "Joy " for sure. This lady tunes in and goes right to the heart of what your question is. No wasting time or guess work. She is awesome to listen to, very gifted and insightful. Please give of miles away, didn 't quite get that part.. time ran out..

Dec-08-2014 Mmac520  I enjoyed the reading with Lauren Joy. I have to await to see if predictions come true and if he will be back before xmas!

Dec-04-2014 Kitandous  Wow !!!!!

Dec-02-2014 Arielle2  I 'm really confused now! I spoke with another psychic from this site a day earlier and was told the opposite. She told me that my client would pay in 9 days. You said maybe Jan or Feb if they pay. Please relay and clarify. Thank you

Nov-24-2014 Bburger  Wow!... Lauren Joy was really accurate the first time I called and I have called again for the second installment... really good reader!

Nov-21-2014 kcs1616  Crazy!!!!! She could actually SEE what the guy looked like that I was talking about, and knew EXACTLY what it is that I 'm looking for! WOW!!!

Nov-19-2014 Joyfulone  WOW! Lauren is incredibly gifted. She is the REAL deal. She gets details & specifics that are mindblowing! Everything she predicted has come to pass! If you want the TRUTH call Lauren. She does not sugar coat. One of the best on PA

Nov-19-2014 Laineymca  Very positive, I hope to post here next year saying it 's true. Spot on with Irish twins. Feeling happy. Thank you :)

Nov-19-2014 magiccandace  Love her! Wish I had more time. She really helped me. Thank you Lauren, I will be calling again for sure!

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