Welcome to the spiritual realm of Archangel Metatron! With my trusted angel cards and a pendulum I receive information to guide and direct you in your life. I am very insightful and can see things that you canít. I specialize in psychic business advice.

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Mar-14-2018 SamSow  Julie makes a reading from her like your favorite ice cream

Mar-13-2018 Debby0611  Very unique style of reading! Will call Julie again!

Feb-23-2018 joanna19  thank you so much for your clear and accurate insight. I so much appreciate this. blessings

Jan-12-2018 Amberz  Thank you Julie! Confirmed what I thought. Appreciate you and your insights. Defiantly wonderful!

Jan-08-2018 Amberz  Julie is wonderful! She picked up on what was going on in my life without any input from me. I believe that she is gifted beyond belief. I will contact her again. Thank you so much you beautiful and loving soul!

Jan-02-2018 Sunny0110  Wondering read, felt very connected! I truly hope her prediction comes to pass! Thank you Julie, much love and light for you!!

Dec-21-2017 Jeanne12  I really enjoyed talking with you. The things you know amazing. You were really helpful. Thank you so much

Nov-14-2017 Clayton81  

Nov-03-2017 bkeough  This was great

Nov-02-2017 Detroitgirl1  Very good reading. I'm sorry I was asking so many questions. Can you send me a message with what you were going to say before we got cut off?

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