A Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and Empath, I use intuitive gifts and Tarot to illuminate the truth and provide real answers. A conduit for messages from the Spirit Realm, I connect to your Guides, share their insights, and move you to a fulfilling life.

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Aug-23-2015 lene912  thi the first time me calling omg she knoe her stuff didnt have to tell her anything thanks i will call u back

Aug-20-2015 kcs1616  Alaya is always so thorough and spot on with her information! 10 stars!!!

Aug-20-2015 rocky2004  I'm so sorry we got disconnected. Thank you so much for info. You are wonderful

Aug-17-2015 Tasha9195  Wonderful as always!!! If you can, please send a relay with the timings of the details we talked about! Also I want to tell you what I did afterwards!!! Talk to you soon!! So glad you are back!!!

Aug-17-2015 sazy32  Lovely read Alaya, thank you so much for your insight, very positive xx

Aug-16-2015 dullmanager  Great reading lots of insight and helpful advice and guidance! Worth calling and having a chat!

Aug-16-2015 pvlove3  I told my sister that Alaya is AWESOME ... she's a believer now. Thank you Alaya for helping her 'see.' Hope to talk with you soon.

Aug-15-2015 commonlife  

Aug-15-2015 luvlydazy  She's so gifted and really cares about what she's reading and what you're going thru

Aug-15-2015 wharhanoo  Thank you for your messages on how to handle my situation. It is very hard, but at least I know I am not wasting my time waiting for him to return. I just want to help him but I guess he needs to handle this in his way. Thank you.

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