Cosmic Coach
I use my 12 years of experience working with Angels and Guides to help clients find clarity in every situation. Using Lithomancy (crystal reading) and the Crystal Oracle (cards), I provide guidance and insight for the future.

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Mar-04-2019 Pariai  He is amazing!!!

Mar-03-2019 believe  

Mar-01-2019 azzur2006  Thanks Coach! Great stuff ! You answered my questions and confirmed suspicions! I highly recommend Coach. Heís quick with lots of info. Thanks again Coach!

Feb-24-2019 Caplican  This guy is just terrific. He does a reading in detail and doesn't linger and waste time.. we are buying that time and he is very cognizant of what that means if abused. Thanx Cosmic Coach aka James!

Feb-17-2019 Caplican  I am so pleased to have him on your staff. I had a great reading and am going to contact him for readings in the future. He is excellent.

Feb-13-2019 Pariai  I was so glad tsee Cosmic Coach online , He has read me before and is amazingl Tonight I had the opportunity for him to do a career spread for me , he was a gaining amazing . Everything he told me is is what is happening in my life .

Feb-10-2019 Tracey32  Thank you so much. I am cautious with trusting him because of what Iíve been through but thank you for reminding me that nothing has gone wrong and confirming that he does want to change.

Feb-10-2019 greger  Thanks!

Feb-09-2019 lucija  Thank you for being honest !!!

Feb-09-2019 Sunny0110  Thank you! What an wonderful read! wish I had more funds, was completely captivated by the conversation. You were saying something about overcoming challenges on the soul level. Can we overcome them, do we have a future? Please relay? Thank you!!!!

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