Lady Pamela
A naturally God-gifted Psychic, I'll often stop a stranger to deliver a message. After a near-death experience, I've dedicated my life to providing honest, caring, and accurate answers! Allow me to bring peace and healing into your life.

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Dec-04-2014 march74  

Dec-04-2014 Kitandous  Thank you

Nov-19-2014 milolover  My first time so i hadn 't loaded credit - the phone cut out. 6 minutes is not long enough for me to provide enough information for Lady Pamela to be able to help me accurately - my fault not hers. However she was nice, friendly and professional.

Nov-15-2014 normal  I am so glad that what Lady Pamela told me a while ago she is still telling me today!

Nov-14-2014 lozzyv  

Sep-24-2014 kcs1616  Very sweet and tuned into the situation!

Sep-20-2014 Precious08  

Sep-16-2014 Cakelady  Live her... Spot on!

Sep-15-2014 Raysima  Very honest and straight forward sweet Lady.

Sep-14-2014 Precious08  She is great and consistent. Does not waste your time or money.

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