An Empathic Intuitive, I know exactly how you feel and can help you overcome the struggles and anxieties consuming your life. You will receive clear answers straight from the Source with the help of numerology, astrology and messages from my guides.

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Oct-10-2015 cdes8001  Wow!! Lindsey was amazing!! I cant believe I hadnt read with her before. I will be waiting for her predictions to come to pass..Please relay on last details about my sister moving or not?...thank you!

Oct-09-2015 greger  

May-19-2015 greger  Thanks. Relay if you can.

Nov-13-2014 Munch7  Great as always! I look forward to your relay :) Thanks!

Oct-22-2014 sapegues  

Oct-10-2014 lkijhgf  Thanks!!

Oct-06-2014 Hogan3  Thank you for your advice! I appreciate all the information you 've shared. Have a great day!

Oct-02-2014 teresa48  Thank you so much for your insight. I I am looking forward to talking to you again.

Oct-02-2014 justme2day  Thank you, Lyndsey! Not sure what happened---call was dropped. Could you please relay the last part of what you were saying?? Thank you!

Sep-27-2014 Chrissy04  One of the best I ever had. Insightful

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