Linda Bloom
Connecting with Spirit, I ask your questions. Timeframes, Relationships, Guidance, Etc. Your answers are received multi-dimensionally: Clairvoyantly (psychic sight) Clairaudiently (psychic hearing), and through the Language of the Images of the Tarot.

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Jan-11-2016 VickyRamsing  Linda Bloom was absolutely amazing, she gave great advice and suggestions. Will definitely be using her again

Dec-23-2015 kcs1616  Such a thorough reading!!! Thank you so much!!!

Dec-21-2015 pookie444  Really good and insightful reader, always gives helpful timeframes and messages.

Dec-21-2015 pookie444  Have been reading with her for months, always connected, especially in timeframes.

Dec-06-2015 Sunshine0705  I was confused about the situation of my bf. Also why not happy with my course that I'm taking. About Frank I did not get the time frame I spent $85 and I was confused please send me an email or relay.thank you

Nov-24-2015 Rachey  Wow thanks Linda - picked up on so many things. A very knowledgeable reader too!

Nov-23-2015 nogames  

Nov-11-2015 Peter777  Thank you, excellent reading as always, Peter in Australia

Nov-06-2015 Tish69  

Nov-05-2015 gliter100  

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