Dixie Friday
Friendly, funny, and fierce, I'm the Southern Belle you want on your side when life throws challenges in your path. I'm an enthusiastic tarot reader and unafraid of telling you what's coming your way and finding ways to help and guide you through it.

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Jul-09-2014 AlenaKivario  very insightful and caring, I felt joy and positive energy talking to her., and ended the conversation with a smile on my face regardless of the outcome of the reading.

Jul-09-2014 amm1927  Honest

Jul-08-2014 char100  

Jul-07-2014 Mirhelp  Awesome!

Jul-05-2014 LaurieL  Dixie was straight and to the point. Didn 't waste any time and was direct but in a kind way about what she saw in my reading.

Jun-30-2014 desiringlove  My first time trying out Dixie and I have to say that I 'm quite pleased with the reading I received. Nice lady. Very polite to her clients, respectful of time - allowing us to cut her off to change the subject so that we can get all questions in.

Jun-29-2014 amm1927  It 's a shame they are not more giving. They miss out on the best part of life. My heart smiles most of the time...

Jun-29-2014 angel77  Good reading .. You were able to provide a validation through sharing a specific piece of information about the person I was inquiring about. Thank you for a honest reading.

Jun-25-2014 sparrkles  thanks for you clear and correct tying

Jun-25-2014 Elizabeth50  Awesome personality and reading. Will be talking to her again.

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